Tips on helping you get started with Virtual Halo

Important Notes about Account Settings:
  • The phone number you've listed as your mobile number is really important that it's accurate. If it isn't, we won't have a way to loop-back notifications to you in the event of an emergency.

  • Make sure you set a PIN for your account. If you don't, you won't be able to cancel an SOS notification if started accidentally.

  • Remember to choose at least one Emergency Contact for your account. Without an Emergency Contact, Virtual Halo won't have anyone to send an alert to in the event one needs to be broadcast. It's for your safety!
Best Practices:
Below is a list of "best practices" we recommend for all users of our app. We understand that everyone has different reasons and needs for using our app, so we've designed it to be customized around your needs. Got a great idea? Send us an email so we can add it to our "best practices" list!
  • Add a picture to your profile. Just click your name at the top of the menu and then the round picture spot to take a picture or upload one of your own. In the future, this will go out to your emergency contacts when a notification is sent. (Stay tuned)!

  • Add yourself as an emergency contact (for paying members only). This way, you'll receive instant notification that an alert was sent out.

  • Let your emergency contacts know what Virtual Halo is and that you've added them as an emergency contact. Also, discuss what type of action you'd like them to take in case they receive an SOS notification from you.

  • Program (309) 213-2823 into your phone as "Virtual Halo ALERT" - this is Virtual Halo's phone number that all text notifications are delivered from.

  • If you have an Apple Watch, make sure to install the app on it, and move the Virtual Halo icon to the middle of the menu (near the clock). Also add our complication to your watch face for quick and easy access to the app.
Have A Question or Support Issue?
If you've got a question or support issue, let us know - we're here to help you out. It's important that you have success with Virtual Halo, so we've got your back. Get in touch in these ways:


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